What this could be

baby gorrillaThis site is an experiment! Just an idea for something that could be useful, if enough people cared about it. I can envision infinite possibilities. This is what I imagine a site like this could do.

  • Be a community where guerrilla researchers across disciplines connect
  • Connect practitioners with researchers but also blur the lines between practitioners and researchers
  • Help formulate research aims, questions and methods by interaction before, during and after research (not only after)
  • Connect funders (both micro and macro) with researchers – we could have a combination of Kickstarter, Subbable and a funding agency

Warning: This is not a roadmap. Just some musing backed up by a website and a domain. I’ve been blogging about something like this on Researchity.net for several years now. I don’t have time to really devote much time to this but if someone likes the idea and wants to run with it, I’m happy to hand over the site and domain to you. Get in touch.


Photo Credit: H2O Alchemist via Compfight cc